Feel Bosnia is a family- owned travel agency that offer you professionalism in tourism and operating all over Bosnia &Herzegovina and abroad. Agency ”Feel Bosnia” is conviently located 2 minutes from the Old Stone Bridge in Konjic. The main objective of our business is to develop and strengthen the tourist offer both in Konjic and throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our aim is to present Bosnia and Herzegovina in it’s best as it deserves. Namely, a country that is rich and has many potentials, natural beauties, such as beautiful cities, villages, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, clean and unpolluted air, drinkable water, traditional local cuisine, hospitable hosts, various flora and fauna are not represented and used in the tourist offer. We also strive to actively work on travel deals to various world-renowned destinations.

Contact information

Ul. Šehidska 5, 88 400 Konjic
+387 36 728 800

Our main mission is to provide the best service for the clients, because at our agency, the client comes first. A satisfied customer will come again or make a referral. We work hard and strive to expand our business step by step and have a vision of creating a great agency that will be recognizable not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but around the world, and in addition to its work, will contribute to the community.

In our service we offer multi-day arrangements for visits and holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina, all type of hotels, apartments and reservations in private accommodation and tourist resorts, transfers of passengers, etc. We also offer rafting on the Neretva River, as a symbol of our town Konjic, visits to Tito’s bunker, D-O ARK, mountaineering, as well as all other services at the request of our clients that are in the domain of our agency.

We aim to expand our offer year after year by entering into contracts with quality tour operators – our partners, while maintaining and improving the existing quality.

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