Geological touristic potentials of Konjic Municipality

Mahmutlar Dolomitic area Vrtaljica

The mountain area of Vrtaljica is located just a few hundreds metres of walk from Konjic center, and it offers visitors a natural setting without significant human intervention. Vrtaljica is specific by numerous plant species, both in lower and higher floors. Particularly significant are the endemic species of Black and White pine, which offer visitors clean air and natural landscape view over Konjic, Neretva and the surrounding mountains..

The Vrtaljica dolomite complex is an area of high biodiversity. Exploration of flora in this area has it’s own history at Vrtaljica. After the Austro-Hungarian occupation, there were increasing visits by botanists to these area, who made a great contribution to the knowledge of the Vrtaljica’s flora.

The main feature of the geological substrate is the presence of dolomite.

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