Geomorphological touristic potentials

Geomorphological tourist potentials are represented by numerous macro, meso and micro forms of surface and underground relief on the Earth. Relief is a basic feature of the natural environment and it is consisted from different forms, evolution, contemporary appearance and accordingly has different touristic value and economic importance.

Geomorphological tourist values can be independent, complex and complementary. They act directly and indirectly, acting on the climate, hydrographic objects, and the living world. Geomorphological tourist values generally have a pronounced recreational component of tourist attraction and are crutial base for development of several types of tourism and rich content of tourist stay.


Mountains are of the highest tourist value

Mountains are of the highest tourist value, however, not all forms of relief may have tourist significance. Thus, in tourism, caves that are poor by cave jewelry and decorations, mountains that are waterless and limestone mountains without forest cover, undeveloped seashores, etc. cannot be valued. Among the most important geomorphological tourist attractions are: mountains, complex valley forms (canyons, gorges, ravines, valleys), speleological objects (caves, pits), and waterfalls as a geomorphological-hydrological tourist resource.

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