Boracko lake

leeward Boracko Lake is one of the most beautiful natural mountain lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, known as the home of scouts, a paradise for young people and the right place to enjoy delicious fish specialties, for rest and recreation in a natural setting.

Boracko Lake is surrounded by high, steep and forested sides. Just to the southeast, a narrow mountain gorge opens through which the Sistica stream flows through, which flows out of Boracko Lake and flows from the height of 29 meters into the Neretva as a waterfall.

The average annual air temperature is about 8.5 °C. Maximum temperatures occur regularly in August, which is another indication of the changing Mediterranean influence.

In the Boracko basin in the colder period of the year, temperature inversions are also frequent. The average annual rainfall is more than 900 mm. Snow occurs on average in early December, and snowfall ceases to hatch in March (on average). Boracko Lake is the only natural lake located in the area of ​​deciduous forests.

Jablanicko lake

Jablanicko Lake is an artificial reservoir and extends from Konjic to Jablanica. It attracts swimmers and fishermen, and it is suitable for water sports. The surface of the lake is 13 km2 with a maximum depth of 70 m. Its beauty attracts a large number of local visitors and more tourists from the region, and since ancient times it has been known as a weekend resort for tourists from all over the world.

Jablanicko Lake was formed in 1953 by constructing an arch dam on the Neretva river, 5 km upstream of Jablanica. The height of the dam is 80 meters and the Lake extends upstream to Konjic. Its maximum length is about 30 km. The surface of the Lake is 1440 ha and the volume is about 290 hml at maximum water filling. The maximum depth is 80 meters, and the water level fluctuations are up to 25 meters. Jablanicko Lake is rich in a variety of fish such as: trout, turtles, scrapers, carp, white chub, pickles, babushka, etc.

Blatacko lake

The Blatacko Lake is located on Bjelasnica about 20 km away from Konjic. It is located near to the village of Blace. The length of the lake is about 400 meters, the width is about 150 meters, and the depth is about 4 meters. It is located at 1150 meters above the sea level. The Blatacko Lake is part of the indispensable hiking tours that lead from Konjic through the villages of Dzepi and Vrdolje, to Cuhovici, Lukomir and to the Rakitnica Canyon or the peaks of Bjelasnica.

The Blatacko Lake is protected by the Decision of the Institute No. 1061/57 as a geomorphological monument of nature and as a natural rarity. Water surface has been declining for years, making the Lake shallower and shallower by the year.

The process of eutrophication and the filling of the Lake are also contributed by the livestock farmers who feed their flocks with the water of Blatacko Lake. In dry years, a large amount of mud and sludge is created around the Lake, which is gradually transferred to the bottom of the Lake after winter, thus filling the bottom, and therefore the depth of the Lake decreases periodically.

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