Agricultural events in Konjic Municipality


  • „Agricultural Days of Konjic Municipality“

International Food Festival ''Konjic Food Fest''

The idea that in Bosnia and Herzegovina mighit Konjic be organized an International Food Festival “Konjic Food Fest” is the result of a long friendship of Sund Commune from Norway and the Konjic Municipality. The first Food Festival was organized in October, 2010 and since then it is traditionally held every year. In 2020, Konjic hosted the Jubilee Tenth Food Festival.

Cultural and entertainment events in Konjic Municipality

  • High School Drama Festival


If you visit Konjic in the last week of the year, then you will probably witness the New Year’s cultural brand of the Konjic city. It is about the “Carnival of Children’s Smiles”, the most beautiful New Year’s fairy tale in Konjic, which thanks to new contents and activities, from year to year has an increasing number of children participate. This event entertains the kids, combining their interests, skills and euphoria, in sharing joy, games and surprises, with each other.

The event is usually supported by the municipality of Konjic, police Department Konjic, companies, shops, media, citizens and parents. Creative preparation activities in Santa’s workshop, cheerful music, smiling children and adults faces, colorful costumes, packages and additional surprises, are indispensable contents that become part of the carnival every year, with standard parade through the city. In case of bad weather, there is no fear, because the organizers NGO “Volunteers and Friends of the Konjic Region” always have a plan B, to satisfy the wishes of the little ones, who joyfully and impatiently await the beginning of the carnival. Masked parents and friends of our little ones are not something that should surprise you, because the euphoria of this event not only wins the hearts of the youngest, but also adults, of all ages.

If you find yourself in a position to be a part of this most beautiful New Year’s story in our city, we believe that it will be the most magical and beautiful end of the year ever. Ho, ho, ho!

International Folklore Festival ``Konjička sehara``

Festival ”Konjicka sehara” contributes to a better understanding of differences, but also to the perception of similarities between different peoples (nations) who inherit and nurture different customs, and tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Konjicka sehara is an opportunity to present and get acquainted with the richness of local customs, certain regions and cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also other countries, whose participants perform in Konjic. We are honored to host these performers of traditional games from Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and other countries, along with our local performers from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Event ”Konjicka sehara” is an opportunity for young people to see how important it is to know their customs, how much the community is interested in presenting cultural expression through song and dance that has developed throughout history and to design ways and methods of preserving, promoting and protecting customs and traditions.

Summer event ''Konjic Cultural Summer''

The goal of the Konjic Cultural Summer event is to organize cultural and artistic programs in order to make free time interesting for our citizens and all guests of Konjic and to make their stay in our city more attractive and meaningful. We strive to affirm literature, art, photography, theater, spirituality and ultimately enrich the tourist offer of all visitors to Konjic during the summer season. The National University of Konjic, with the mentioned project, tries to encourage activism among young people, promote young non-established bands, but also enrich the contents with already established artists from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also the region.

Festival of Actors

For seven years, the National University Konjic has been the organizer of the Festival of Actors of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the Festival that is the only one on the map of cultural events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, dedicated to actors and actresses, the most important actors of the drama and stage process, and it is traditionally held in May and June and hosts ten professional theater productions up to ten accompanying off contents.

The significance of the Festival is reflected in the cross-section of the regional theater scene and the achievements that come to Konjic from neighboring countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Northern Macedonia. The synergy of various partner organizations and institutions has created an environment for Konjic to become a city of theater, which opens its potential to the region.

Event ''Zuko Dzumhur's Days''

This project seeks to maintain the memory of the character and work of Zulfikar Zuko Dzumhur known as a travel writer, painter, cartoonist, screenwriter, and above all a pilgrim, as he was often called. A special focus is on the young generations who haven’t had the opportunity to learn more about Zulfikar Zuko Dzumhur, nor to participate in similar projects.

Traditional cultural and educational event ``Sejfulah's Proho Days``

The event has a cultural and educational character in which we uniquely remember the work and role of the prominent Bosnian and world intellectual Sejfulah ef. Proho, a man who created his works during his life in Arabic, Turkish and our language. He worked in Turkey and Bosnia, and built his personality through the promotion of culture, art and spirituality. This event aims to bring together as many young people as possible and strive to raise awareness of positive values.

Sport and recreational events in the Konjic Municipality

  • Manifestation “Boracko Lake Days”
  • Manifestation “International ecomotorade Boracko Lake”
  • Swimming rally “Suljo and Mujo” in Lisicici

Manifestation ''Skokovi u Kazan'' Konjic

Event ''Neretva Media Regata''

Organization of this event has aim to protect natural beauties of Konjic region, to promote it as a tourist destination, but also to collect money for stocking of Neretva river


The Municipality of Konjic, together with the marathon runner, humanitarian and project initiator Mujic Mahir, proudly presented to its first 10 km long recreational race through the most beautiful parts of Konjic, which took place on 04.07.2020 under the title “KONJIC NIGHT CENER 2020”.

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