Restaurant capacity
 50 places in winter season, 142 places in summer season (with terraces)
Musala unnumbered 88 400 Konjic
036/831-534 ; 036/734-061

About restaurant ”Vidikovac”

Due to its unique beautiful view of the whole city, Vidikovac Restaurant has become a recognizable sign of our city. It is interesting for all of us from Konjic, because until now we have not been able to see city from this perspective, its streets, the Old bridge, some favorite place. It is also interesting to all our guests because one look from above is enough to give an impression of the size of the city, how to get to the place most easily etc. The combination of this truly imposing view and quality gastronomy has made this restaurant as a place where different generations are happy to come. Enjoy a morning view of the waking city. We strive to please our guests, both with service and offer, with the effort and imagination of our chefs, we try to win your favor. Great part of our offer is made by dishes from Bosnian kitchen, simple, but very delicious for the palete and for eye. Organize business meeting and surprise your business partners by unique ambience, great food and provide them new experience. In the evening hours, Vidikovac restaurant becomes romantic place, from where you can observe city under the lights and to have candlelighted dinner. Do you want to spend one unforgettable moment out of city bustle and traffic, to find solace and inspiration in Old Bridge, city from Tuscica to the Orasje, to the Old city core, from Varda do the railway with plenty of dishes and drinks with great prices and kind service? There is one answer and it is restaurant Vidikovac. Restaurant capacity is 50 places that makes it ideal for organization of private ceremonies, like graduation parties, smaller romantic weddings etc. during the whole year, and in summer season its capacity with covered terrace is 40 places and with uncovered terrace 52 places, that makes it 142 places in total. Let the restaurant Vidikovac become your favourite spot, for relaxation and fun with friends or loved person. Your wishes are ours, so we will try to carry them out.

We are expecting you! Your restaurant ”Vidikovac”

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