Is a sport activity that takes place on fast rivers, which implies the physical skill of rowing in boats made of soft material and generally accepted as a social, commercial activity and competitive sport. The rafting season runs from April to October and, depending on the river level, is designated as rafting from 2 to 4 degrees. From April to June, the Neretva water level is the highest, and in the classification of wild waters, the sixth degree is the strongest and is intended for extremists. The water temperature of the Neretva River averages 12 ° C, while the average air temperature is 20 °C. The length of the rafting trail on Neretva from Glavaticevo to Konjic is about 23 km.

An important feature of this area is that in its upper stream from Glavaticevo to Bjelimici it is a kind of air spa, which is extremely visited throughout the year. There are three disciplines in rafting: sprint, slalom and downhill. At the scheduled locations for the competition, the sprint is reflected in the Bukovica area, the slalom in the Bijela region, and the downhill in the Dzajici village. Often, in some rafting clubs combined types of tourism are singled out as part of the offer, where hiking is organized along with rafting and visits to certain cultural values.


Is a combination of swimming, climbing and jumping in the water, and mastering narrow canyons. The best example of where to practice and where this sport tourism is partially represented is the Rakitnica River Canyon. The beginning of Rakitnica Canyon is at an altitude of 1120 m and its estuary at an altitude of 320 m, so at a length of 20 km, the average decrease is 40 ‰. The water of Rakitnica Canyon is fast and unbridled. Canyoning on Rakitnica is organized only through the end of the canyon, around the peak of Ostro, in the length of about 5-6 kilometers. After that, the canyon ends with the estuary of the Rakitnica in the Neretva. Starting from Konjic, you go to the village of Dubocani, which is located above the canyon. A 20-minute walk takes you from Dubocani, after which the journey begins by mini-boats for a faster descent down the river. After just over 1 kilometer, the canyon becomes narrow, with several short waterfalls. Some parts of the canyon require a short swim, and in some parts a short climb. The canyon descent takes 5 to 6 hours. The journey ends in the village of Kasici, several hundred meters above the estuary of the Rakitnica River in Neretva. Also, the Rakitnica Canyon along the Visocica Mountain is an ideal location for ecologists and biologists, since it is abundant in various endemic and still unexplored species.

Skokovi u kazan

Has been a sporting tradition in Konjic for many years. In 1997, lovers of the Neretva organized the first clean-up of the main town beaches Stari Pazar in Konjic. The same year was organized the first, national competition in jumps in the water called “Skokovi u kazan“. This is a special kind of extreme sport on the Neretva River. It is an event that was earlier organized every year in July. The jumps were performed in Konjic from a height of 18 m, into a pot whose dimensions are 2 x 2 m, to a depth of 1.70 m, which is variable depending on the water level of the Neretva. The aim of the „Skokovi u kazan“ is to jump from the height indicated to the deepest place among the underwater rocks. An even more dangerous and uncertain jump is the so-called death jump. It runs from a height of more than 22 meters into the same shoal, as does a „Skok u kazan“. Unfortunately, in the last few years this tradition has ceased, but on behalf of all citizens of Konjic and other citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we hope that it will continue as soon as possible ….

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If you are interested in any of the activities, you can send your inquiries and reservations to one of the agencies or rafting clubs in Konjic municipality.

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